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Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a body/mind self-help method. It combines gentle tapping of specific acupuncture/acupressure whilst concentrating on an issue you wish to resolve.

EFT is especially useful for releasing negative thoughts and emotions. With EFT you can eliminate emotional blocks that keep you from healing or experiencing happiness without reliving the stressful event or even knowing the cause of the problem.

EFT allows us to release and transform the way uncomfortable feelings like hurt, guilt, fear, or anger may be affecting our experience. EFT can also be used to help transform the thoughts and beliefs behind our emotional experiences. As we notice, acknowledge, and transform how we carry our emotions, we begin to see how this may be contributing to pain, illness, or challenges in our lives. By using EFT, we can reconnect with a renewed sense of wellbeing as well as change the way stress affects us.

EFT can help:
• Stress & Anxiety relief
• Relieve negative emotions such as , sadness, anger, guilt, frustration, etc.
• Improve or even eliminate physical discomfort or pain
• Increase self-esteem
• Heal the effects of emotional trauma
• Increase energy and productivity
• Diminish cravings for food and addictive substances
• Bring about better sleep and sleep habits
and so much more...


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